Glenshore's Max Rowe on the BEIS Committee's Brexit Panel

Our team member Max Rowe was one of the experts invited by the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Committee to present oral evidence on the effects of Brexit on the Energy Industry (oil & gas, renewables) and climate change during private sessions held on 27th February 2017 in London. 

The BEIS Committee is appointed by the House of Commons to examine the administration, expenditure and policy of the Department for BEIS and its associated public bodies.

This inquiry examines the implications of the UK's departure from the EU on the energy sector and the UK’s national climate change commitments and will determine which policy areas should be prioritised for continued cooperation during the exit negotiation process.

The UK energy sector has extensive links with the EU through trade, directives and interconnection. While Member States, including the UK, retain sovereignty over their energy mix, substantial parts of UK energy policy have been driven by EU-wide directives and proposals. The UK's climate change agenda has similarly been shaped by a mixture of national and international policies, including EU initiatives.

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